What Is The Difference Between Indica And Sativa?

Indica And Sativa

You probably heard something about this eternal confrontation, as it often flickers in popular culture, namely in films, songs, even books, and paintings. But the trouble is, no one has ever given complete information about the difference between Indica and Sativa. Meanwhile, the species belonging to raw materials affect a lot.

Indica is a simplified name for Indian cannabis, while Sativa is the name for seed hemp. Both are subspecies of the same magical plant that is used as a breeding material. Also, each has distinctive properties such as appearance, internal chemical composition, produced an effect, and range of influence. If you are already interested in the above material, then rejoice, because now our experts from the company that distributes Indica strains will tell you more.

What are the comparative characteristics of Indica versus Sativa?

• Composition;

It distinguishes them based on the presence of THC and CBD. For example, Sativa will have more of the first component, while the second will be very low, while in Indica, it will be the opposite (it can have up to 15% CBD).

• The effect;

If you ask any herb smoker, “what is the difference between Indica and Sativa?” then a predictable answer will not keep you waiting. Indica is relaxation and nirvana, which is the ultimate dream of people from her homeland, Buddhists, and healthy and sound sleep. Sativa is the feeling of having wings behind your back, gives energy, sociability, willingness to dance to the inviting sounds of maracas.

At the same time, a guest from India can give a person clarity of thought and tranquility of the body. It is designed not to create a new colorful experience but to relieve stress accumulated, for example, at work or school. When you wake up after a trip, you will realize that your head is clear and your nerves are calm and firm, like a rope, which is an excellent defense against emotional burnout. Thus, Indica can be considered a good organic substitute for drugs for panic attacks, seizures, insomnia, increased anxiety.

The Sativa effect is a feeling of tone and happiness. For you, everything becomes more sensitive at the level of the organs of perception. The colors will be bright, and the smells will be more pleasant and more profound.

• Appearance;

Even without being an expert, you can look at pictures on the Internet and realize that Sativa looks more like a wild look even at first glance. The bushes have long stems and few branches. If they grow in favorable weather conditions, then, they may well reach all 16.5 feet, and sometimes they generally tend even higher, as if they want to get to the heavens.

The bush reaches a maximum of 6.5 feet in height. If the variety you choose is for home growing, then the bushes can be no more than 2 feet at all. At the same time, an Indica does not need as much space as its more powerful sister because the root system of such a small plant easily fits into a pot.

If the key moment in the appearance of a guest from Latin America is height, then for Indica, it is width. It gains volume as it grows and turns into a green ball, thanks to the spreading branches.

Another feature by which you can understand what kind of subspecies is in front of you is Sativa vs Indica leaves. Indica has a deep green color, round and wide.
And on the contrary, Sativa has light shades of green, pointed in shape and thin.

• Conditions for growth;

In the case of the data, to obtain a shrub, it is necessary to place the Sativa herb in a subtropical climate to keep it warm and humid enough (55-65%).

It is preferable to choose one of three types of fertilizers for this subspecies – nitrogenous, potassium-magnesium, or phosphoric, which should be added somewhere around 5-8 weeks of growth, and this practice should be stopped a week before collection so as not to spoil the smell.

The minimum temperature for growing will correspond to the indicators of a temperate climate – 20 degrees during the day and at least 15 degrees at night.

The plant grows a little over a month, then the flowering period begins (about ten weeks). The buds will be ready by about October, and then you will need to hurry to collect them until the first frost hits.

Now let’s talk about Indica. Even a temperate climate and lower humidity are suitable for it. It comes to a state of readiness much earlier. Calculate for yourself:

  • The growing season will last about three weeks.
  • If you do not forget to feed the plant, it will bloom for one month and three weeks.
  • It will be possible to harvest.
  • There are also particular early maturing varieties that take a little more than a month to complete.

We hope that now that you know the difference between Sativa and Indica edibles, it will be easier to identify your eating and growing needs. Good luck!