How Shrooms Help To Achieve Your Health Goals


Currently, miscrodosing magic mushrooms have become a common method for improving general health conditions without getting a high effect. However, a full psychedelic trip is considering a great treat to some mental disorders like depression. Even though the studies in this area lack, more and more users prefer psilocybin-containing mushrooms for shrooms’ health effects. Keep reading to find out what physical and mental effects can magic mushrooms bring, and are shrooms bad for your health.

Magic mushrooms uses and benefits

As it was mentioned, tiny doses of psilocybin can treat some mental conditions, like anxiety and panic, and help to boost creativity and concentration. On the other hand, a psychedelic therapy with shrooms usage can bring users healing to a more potent mental health condition. 

Here are a few possible health benefits of a psychedelic trip.

1. Healing of deep depression and anxiety attacks

Psychedelic therapy is considering good for easing the symptoms of anxiety and depression, and it was studied by research in 2021. The study`s members reported the visible reduction of depression state as well as stress and anxiety attacks while they used psychedelic therapy. Although this fact can not allow us to say magic mushrooms provide nice health benefits since a study was based on the self-reports of participants.

2. Help with post-traumatic stress

The health effects of shrooms also include help with post-traumatic stress disorder, especially feeling of demoralization. The 2020 study confirmed that participants admitted reduction of demoralization symptoms after a few sessions of psychedelic therapy and a one dose of injection of psilocybin.

3. Addiction treatment

Another 2015 proof-of-concept study related to the long-term health effects of shrooms performed verification of the theory that psychedelic experience is helpful to quit bad habits. The results showed that after a psilocybin administration the participants started to consume alcohol in quite smaller doses.

4. Cure for eating disorders

A psychedelic experience is also helpful for patients with a history of eating disorders. It was confirmed by the 2020 study – psilocybin helped the participants to get rid of unhealthy thoughts, and symptoms of depression.

Shrooms health risks

Apart from the health benefits, magic mushrooms can cause potent changes in the user`s consciousness, and perception of the world. A consumer may experience some potential side effects that can be both mental and physical, including:

1.     Fear – The hallucinations while a psychedelic may be truly frightening, so a user can experience strong fear attacks.

2.     Intensifying the heart disorders – A psilocybin often leads to an increase in blood pressure, which can be quite harmful to people with pre-existing heart disorders.

3.     Psychosis – The psychedelic sometimes causes a potent breaking from reality.

4.     Bad trips – A not successful psychedelic trip leads to paranoia attacks, living through the flashbacks, and feelings of fear.

Magic mushrooms potential damage

Magic mushrooms are considered to have minimal harmful effects, they are not psychoactive, and won’t cause addiction. However, shrooms are still illegal in many states – it is a big challenge too. Additionally, there is a risk of consumption of the wrong poisonous mushrooms, or you may deal with a bad psychedelic experience.