How Do THC Vape Pens Work?

THC Vape Pens

This material was created for those who love vapes with all their hearts and have tried all fillers for themselves and marijuana smokers in the usual sense, who want to switch to something more convenient and tasty. We will be talking about e-liquids for e-cigarettes and hookahs with a hemp component. Do not switch to other channels, and you want to know more useful information about how THC oil vape pens work.

About electronic cigarettes

Let’s start our dive into this vast topic by drawing a dividing line between the two main types of devices made specifically for the use of soft drugs.

The first type is a vaporizer for smoking cannabis in dried and ground form. They are not intended for liquids, only for unique dry mixes.

A second type is a unique gadget for vapers, which is made taking into account the peculiarities of THC refueling and is designed specifically for liquid fillers.

About vape pens for THC

To be honest, they differ little from the standard juices that fill the compartments in electronic cigarettes. The only key point is that the cannabinoid THC has replaced the nicotine in them.
In any case, plant-based propylene glycol and glycerin will remain the main substances in such mixtures.

Moreover, as you probably know, the first compound will be responsible for the taste characteristics of the liquid, and the second for the volume of exhaled vapor.
Why is the composition practically unchanged even with the addition of a psychoactive substance? It’s simple: glycerin provides magic molecules with good preservation. That is, they are, as it were, preserved in it.

How do THC vape pens work?

So, the process of converting a liquid with THC into steam and then absorbing it by the body begins with a battery. It affects the installation in the vape cartridge, which is responsible for the spraying process. Further, the installation mentioned above acts on the THC oil using high temperatures. Now the magic compounds in the e-cigarette are starting to work. And the last is the result in the form of hemp tincture getting into the blood.

Do all vape pens take THC oils?

There is no definite answer here. It seems that all vapes are compatible with such a filler, but there is one thing: the vape’s power dramatically affects how well the device will absorb the hemp oil and how long it will work. As we already said, glycerin will be present in such a liquid in a large volume, and it is precisely responsible for the amount of steam produced. That is, a weak device cannot cope with the work properly. We advise you to choose an e-cigarette rated for 100+ watts.

Features and benefits of vape pens for THC oil:

• Liquid composition;

It includes glycerin and propylene glycol, water or alcohol, and undiluted THC in any form – resin, tincture, etc.

• Caution;

A heady filler fluid will always be more potent than a regular joint and mixes, as the manufacturing companies do not spare THC customers. As a result, the strength of 20-10% will be precisely the liquid, and everything else will be the primary active oil based on the plant.
That is why be careful, tidy, and careful not to overdo it.

• Stealth;

If you’ve been asking yourself do THC vape pens smell for a long time, then breathe out calmly. There should be no specific smell. There may be a slight flair of terpenes, but it will only be noticeable to those who smoke the same as you. Only a person who really understands THC – fillers can pay attention to this, which is not a fact. Why will the scent be different? Nothing strange, just the smell from the grass appears due to the very combustion process, in which it fills the entire room with acrid smoke. This is reminiscent of how incense patchouli sticks work.

But in steam formation, we do not burn anything but heat the liquid mixture.

• The result will not keep you waiting;

THC very quickly and efficiently transports Fillers for electronic cigarettes with similar properties into the human blood. With regular smoking, many cannabinoids are burned with every puff, and in the case of vaping, this does not happen. Plus, fluids are always more accessible for the body to absorb.

We were delighted to give you a briefing with the young fighter and hope that our information helped you understand a lot about THC fillers. Enjoy your experiments!